We can safeguard their future

you can protect your assets by

shielding them from others

inside a trust

We are easy to deal with...

Will the Tax Man be

one of your beneficiaries...?

keep your assets intact from

generation to generation

care home fees in later life don\'t

need to cost you your house if

you plan early enough

let us be your guide

- jargon free zone

You\'ve worked hard, but will it all go tho those you want?

Ex-partners, Wives, Husbands and estranged children

or Step-Children may all want a large slice...

and... what\'s more, the law allows them to!

we can help

we have ideas to save you money!

if you are unable either temporarily

or permanently to manage your own

financial affairs do you wish a stranger

appointed by the court to control

your bank account?

just good, free advice

clear, black and white

no grey

if you die too soon, do you want to decide

who will raise your children - or leave it to

others to decide for you... such as the

courts as advised by social services!

leave them with more than

just memories...

if you are worth more than 5,000 on

your death the probate process is

required, probate fees can be very

expensive! Don\'t pay them and give

much more to your beneficiaries...